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Kitui Teachers Sacco was founded in 1976 by 11 members with the overall objective of according each other a place to save and borrow funds. Actual lending did not start until 1978.

Initially, membership was restricted to teachers under the employ of the Government of Kenya; but the Society officially changed its by-laws and opened common bond in 2008 to absorb the employees from other government ministries and organizations.

Today, the Society has over 20,000 active members!

We Offer Best & Quality Services

Mission Statement

To uplift members’ living standards through the provision of innovative and quality financial products and services.


To be a market leader in financial solutions globally.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Society operates under the following general principles which guide the operations:
1. Voluntary and open membership
2. Democratic administration…

Our Products & Services

Back-Office Saving Schemes

Back-Office savings form the basis of loan application and loan guarantorship. We have three Back-office Saving Schemes:

Front-Office Saving Schemes

Front Office Saving Schemes operate on the same basis as regular bank accounts. We have:
Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposit Accounts…

Loan Products

Our Loan Products are among the most competitively priced loans in the market. Our Loan Products are: Normal Loan, Emergency Loan, Special Loan…

Financial Services

We provide additional Financial Services to our Members and to the members of the general public, they include: Cheque Processing…

Dial *806# to enjoy our M-Banking Services