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Financial Services

Financial Services

We provide additional Financial Services to our Members and to the members of the general public

We offer very competitively priced financial services. Some of our most popular financial services are outlined below:

Cheque Deposits

Instead of taking your cheque to the bank, you can present it at the SACCO for us to follow up and present the cheque to the bank. After the cheque has been cleared, the proceeds are automatically credited to your SACCO account.

Banker’s Cheques

We can draw you a banker’s cheque if you need to make a payment to an establishment that does not accept personal cheques.

Salary Processing

If you are an employer, you can offload the responsibility of processing your Staff salary to us. All you need to do is present with a list of your employees and how much each employee should earn. As an individual you can also request your employer to remit your salary through our Society.

All Members whose salaries are remitted through our SACCO automatically qualify for Salary Advances, Loans and other benefits.

Pension Processing

Institutions that offer Pensions…

Dial *806# to enjoy our M-Banking Services