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The administration department was started in 1976. The department is headed by the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) who is in charge of the implementation of the Society’s strategic vision.

Credit department was started way back in 1978. That’s the year when Kitui Teachers Sacco Society ltd started lending to its members.

The department organized into sections; credit operations, recovery and registry

The Departmental Performance Objectives Are to:

  • Grant timely loans to the members.
  • Ensure all loans granted are recovered through effective appraisal.
  • Adhere to loaning regulations as prescribed by the policy and by laws.
  • Ensure all new loans granted have been affected for recovery.
  • Ensure running loans recoveries are monthly remitted.
  • Recover all defaulted loans from the guarantors as provided in the By-laws.
  • Provide timely loan reports as they are required.
  • Provide sound advice to the management and credit committee.
  • Ensure collection of monthly
  • Ensure effective controls to curb fraud.
  • Ensure all loans are fully guaranteed.

In the performance of its duties, the department is guided by among others, the general Principles of Good Lending Credit policy, cooperative Societies Act, the SACCO Act, Regulations, By-Laws.

It has 7 staff members headed by the Credit Manager


The finance department is among the oldest departments in Kitui Teachers SACCO. The in charge of the department is Deputy C.E.O/ Finance Manager.


The mission of the department is to provide complete, accurate and timely financial information to its stakeholders.


The department values;

  • Proffessionalism
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork


The departments major areas of responsibility include budget management, payroll, purchasing, assets management, accounting, debt management, investments, tax compliance, treasury management and financial reporting.

Headed by the Head of Finance, the key responsibility of the Finance department is to maintain reliable and up to date financial records, prepare quarterly financial reports following the international financial reporting standards and generally accepted accounting principles. Bandari SACCO by laws, policies, procedures and strictly monitor approved budget and report variances to management.

Other Duties Include:

  • Financial reporting.
  • Budgeting and its management.
  • Payroll management.
  • Investments.
  • Asset management.
  • Tax compliance.
  • Treasury management.

The department has 5 personnel under the stewardship of the Head of Finance


Traditionally the SACCO facilitated provision of affordable loan facilities to its members. In the early 1990s, difficult economic times meant that commercial banks had to demand a higher minimum operating balance for individual accounts in order to sustain their business. AT that time, banking services were out of reach for the middle and low class income earners due to the high account maintenance commission and minimum account balance.

The SACCO responded by introducing a Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) in the year 2000 which offered bank like services at competitive rates. Therefore, the main purpose of this Front Office Services Activity was to enable members open accounts and operate them (i.e. enables the members to deposit and withdraw cash from or into their accounts just like a bank) at a low account maintenance commission and minimum account balance.

The department was establishment in the year 2004. The department was once restructured in the year 2011to accommodate and conform to SASRA requirements and provisions

The mission of the Internal Audit at Kitui teachers sacco is to ensure that the Society’s operations are conducted according to the highest standards by providing an independent, objective assurance function and by advising on best practice.

Through a systematic and disciplined approach, Internal Audit helps the Society to accomplish its objectives by evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

All the undertaking and audit findings which are governed by the established procedure manuals and policies are reported to the audit committee and further discussed with the Society’s Chief Executive Officer for implementation.

Some of the policies we have in Kitui teachers are Loan Policy

  • Investment policy
  • Dividend Policy
  • Liquidity policy
  • Disaster management and continuity policy
  • Marketing Policy
  • Information policy
  • Internal control policy
  • Accounting policy among others


The Audit, Risk and compliance department became fully operational in 2005. The office is currently managed by the Internal Auditor and the Risk and Compliance manager. The Audit department fully meets the SASRA regulations under Sec 53 (1-3).

The Internal Audit Office Assesses And Monitors The Sacco:

  • Adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls.
  • Accuracy of financial records;
  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations;
  • Adherence to the Sacco’s policies and procedures and
  • Compliance to the SASRA and IFRS
  • Verify the existence of assets and recommend proper safeguards for their protection;
  • Evaluate the adequacy of the system of internal controls;
  • Recommend improvements in controls;
  • Assess compliance with policies and procedures and sound business practices;
  • Assess compliance with state and federal laws and contractual obligations.
  • Review operations/programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and
  • whether the operations/programs are being carried out as planned;
  • Review of various policies of the society and advising the management on the same.

The department has 2 personnel, the internal auditor and the Risk & compliance manager.

Marketing department was started in June 2010, to put the society at par with other institutions of its kind.

The department deals with:

  • Customer care
  • Marketing the society
  • Promotion of societys’ products and services
  • Product and service review
  • Recruiting new members
  • Marketing research
  • Public relations
  • Deposit mobilization

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